Bronz Tone Maxi Tone Lightening Products

Product code: 6181100248296

Product information

Bronz Tone Maxi Tone Visage Face Serum - 90ml
Used along with other products of the range Bronz Tone Serum leaves your skin smooth and healthy. It unique moisturising formula with honey and cocoa butter helps to reduce undesirable spots and harmoizers, the complexion giving it a radiant bronz complexion..

Bronz Tone Maxi Tone Creme- 240ml
With honey and Cocoa butter give this new formula its
unique moisturising and radiating effect.
Bronz Tone with UV Protection also reduces unwanted spots and
harmonizes your complexion, giving it a pleasant Bronze aspect.

Bronz Tone Maxi Tone Exfoliating Soap - 190g
Bronz Tone beauty Soap, with its rich lather and apricot grain
gently eliminates impurities from skin without leaving it dry.
Its formula with honey and cocoa butter brings
back your complexion natural glow.

Bronz Tone Maxi Tone Fade Milk -300ml
Bronz Tone is a moisturising formula with Cocoa butter
and honey extracts. With UV Protection, it removes undesirable
spots and leaves your skin soft and glowing and gives it
a rediant bronze complexion

Technical specifications

Product Code 6181100248296