Citroclear Skin Whitening Products

Product code: 6182000117156

Product information

Skin Whitening Acceletator
The Citioclear milk based on lemon extract
fight against acne and oily skin problem.
Citroclear clarifies skin tone and brightens
its its colour while proving smoothnes 
and healthy look.

Citroclear Cream-60ml
Lemon extracts

Citroclear Concentrated Serum
With Lemon Extracts Anti-spot Fast Action

Citroclear serum a lemon based oil serum that helps to remove
facial burns faster, tone the skin and removes
dark spots on elbows and armpit.

it is very mild but very effective.
​​​​​​​Citroclear serum with its lemon concentrate,
your skin regains moisture, clarity and softness.

Technical specifications

Product Code 6182000117156