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Clear Essence Texturising Complexion Lotion
This light textured yet highly effective moisturiser created for daily use is an easy

to use lotion that restores the skins natural mechanical barrier,
locks in moisture and reduces
trans-epidermal water loss.
It gives the skin a natural supple feel and reinvigorates the top layer (epidermis)
protecting the skin from harsh weather and reducing the dryness that causes ashy skin.
It is easily absorbed by the skin, which leaves a smooth supple texture that feels silky and soft

Clear Essence Skin Smoothing Creme
This light textured yet highly effective moisturizer created for daily use
It Is an easy to use Body Cream That Restores The Skins Natural Mechanical Barrier,
Locks In Moisture And Reduces Transepidermal Water Loss.
It Gives The Skin A Natural Supple Feel And Reinvigorates The Top Layer (Epidermis) Protecting The Skin From Harsh Weather And Reducing The Dryness That Causes Ashy Skin. It Is Easily Absorbed By The Skin, Which Leaves A Smooth Supple Texture That Feels Silky And Soft. This Thick And Moisturizing Body Cream Also Contains Vitamin E To Further Protect The Skin From Free Radicals

Clear Essence Skin Beautifying Milk

It helps fade dark spots and evens the skin tone.
This breakthrough formula is specifically formulated with licorice extract,
one of nature’s most subtle and yet effective, skin lightening
agent that is an anti-irritant which calms and soothes irritated and allergic skin

Clear Essence Moisturising Body Oil

This Moisturizing Body All Had Been Formulated For People Of Colour,
Moisturises Deep Into The Skin
Experience the Clear Essence Moisturizing Body Oil for Sensitive Skin,
a natural antioxidant skin moisturizer that helps to replenish skin oils
and maintain a continued balance of moisture.
It's a light formula that glides on easily to moisturize dry skin.
It's so sheer, it vanishes into your shower-damp skin leaving
it soft and silky, with a radiant, healthy glow

Clear Essence Antiseptic Skin Cleanser
This Cleanser Creates and Maintains A Fresh, Clean, Glowing
Complexion by removing Dirt, Oil And Bacteria That Soap And Water Leave Behind.
It Helps Kill Germs That Cause Acne And Blemish Spots. For Sensitive Skin