DH7 Lightening Products


Product information

DH7 Lightening Cream - 50ml
Helps to eliminate pigmentary imperfections
and harmonizes the colour of your complexion.

The cream offers your skin smoothness and softness.

DH7 Lightening Cream Gel - 30g
Due to the effiency of its depigmenting ingredients,
the DH7 Lightening Cream Gel visibily reduces pigmentary blemishes.
It smoothly lightens your complexion and leaves it glowing
and free of brown patches.

DH7 Lightening Gel - 30ml
Gel favours the elimination and the fast exfoliation
of died cells from the superficial layer
of your skin and its renewal.
Your skin will become clearer, smoother, younger
and spots of hyperpigmentation will be treated in depth.

DH7 Lightening Qualizing Cream - 50g
Lightening cream with liposomes of vitamins C 10/1000