DH7 Purifying and Whitening Products


Product information

DH7 Pure Glycerin Lightening Softening & Moisturising - 150ml
DH7 Whitening and softening glycerin.

Thanks to the Vitaclear active ingredients,
it nourishes the skin.
It insures a good overall skin protection
and it is the ideal solution to remove the brow area of the skin.

DH7 Purifying and Whitening Toning Lotion - 150ml
The purifying and whitening tome DH7 lotion 3-in-1
without alcohol is formulated with active natural ingredient
and thanks to our exclusive Vitaclear active ingredients,
it will tonify, purify and within your skin.

DH7 Toning Lotion Lightening Care 150ml

The DH7 Lotion cleans your skin, it ride the skin
of make up left overs and lightens the skin poren.