First Lady Skin Fast Actives Soap products

Product information

First Lady Skin Beautifying & Superior Lightening Soap - 200g

Inhibits the progress of skin darkening and effectively reduces
existing skin pigmentation.
This First Lady Lemon Soap contains Arbutin which effectively
lightens skin pigmentation, liver spots and freckles whilst
maintaining a lighter complexion.
The First Lady Lemon Soap is enriched with pure rich Citron oil
which is nature's most potent skin lightening ingredient.
Citron oil has antioxidant properties to protect your skin and has been
added to this formulation to aid in the lightening,
exfoliating and toning process.

First Lady Ultra Strong Lightening Fade Soap - 200g
Always build up a good lather.
Use daily as a facial, hand and body bath soap.
Use twice daily to lighten areas of discolored dull skin tone.
If use in combination with First Lady Fast Actives Carrot
Cream, gel, Lotion or Serum amazing results can be obtained.

First Lady Organics Fast Actives Lightening & Exfoliating Soap - 200g

The First Lady Lightening & Exfoliating Soap helps you to fight
against hyper pigmentation.
The First Lady soap will help to fade away dark spot
and leaving your skin fairer.
The First Lady Soap contains Arbutin which effectively
lightens skin pigmentation, liver spots and freckles
whilst maintaining a fair-looking complexion.
With added Apricot kernals it will help to clean dead
cells and impurities responsible for dull complexion

First Lady Natural Honey & Glycerine Soap - 200g
This First Lady Natural Honey and Glycerine Soap is made
with 100% vegetable base also with natures most natural moisturising
and softening agent: Pure Honey & Pure Vegetable Glycerine.
This soap is used to help soften and moisturise the skin.

First Lady Medicated Germicidal Soap - 200g

This First Lady Medicated Soap has been expertly
formuled with a combination of effective anti-bacterial
ingredients to help with germ removal.
These include; Vitamin E. Allantoin and Triclosan, which help
to prevent skin infection and irritations.
This First Lady Medicated Germicidal Soap has also got the
traditional 1970's carbolic scent to bring back those
wonderful childhood memories.
The Medicated Germicidal Soap also cleanses and tones
removing dirt and excess oil to help provide a perfect complexion.
This soap provides a long lasting personal
freshness for the whole family

First Lady Skin Perfecting & Extreme Lightening Soap - 200g

Made with real Argan oil and Arbutin formula,
First Lady Skin Perfecting & Extreme Lightening Soap
delivers a high quality blend of ingredients which will help
clarify dark spot and blemishes.
This delightful soap exfoliates and lightens the skin extremely,
resulting in a spectacular radiance and leaving you
with a perfect skin tone.

First Lady Fast Actives Black Soap - 200g
Contains Aubutin which helps lighten the skin.
The First Lady's unique formula helps get rid of impurities,
acne, eczema, psoriasis, dead skin, dark marks and blemishes.
With added Shea butter and Vitamin E, it cleanses the skin
and helps to nourish, protect and moisture.
This beautiful soap helps exfoliate, lighten and prevent
skin disorders leaving you protected and giving you a glowing skin tone.